Become out Distributor.

An idea that is standing behind ManualCollection. is to deliver ready-made solutions to various locations.

Our graphics are dedicated not only for living spaces but also for offices, sales salons or bigger places of public use. We invite companies involved in selling of furniture and decorative elements as well as interior designers to cooperate with us, having possibility not only to use our graphics in your projects or showrooms, but also to be promoted as our partner on www.manual-collection.com.

Loyalty program for store partners involves discounts and chance of buying selected products or whole series in negotiable prices. We invite you to fill out the contact form.


Become our Author.

If you are an artist, designer, graphic designer or industrial design architect, or simply a creative person that would like to reach to multiple recipients or to join our team, we invite you to share your selected works with us or to send your portfolio to pracownia@manual-collection.com.

We don’t limit our offer to one style of graphics. Our focus is to present high level of artworks and allowing different points of view.

Paintings, photography, graphics, different techniques and freedom in the selection of the format should encourage all who wish to take part in building awareness among consumers and promoting modern design.


Solutions for Architects.

When building or renovating apartment, living room, hotel or office it's worth considering possibilities offered by ManualCollection. already at the planning stage.

Variety of formats as well as color and thematic similarities of the series, encourage to create collective graphic structures on the walls and give consistent character to the interior.

ManualCollection.. artworks are great complement to the projects and can highlight its best features. Our graphics will add personality to finished interiors.

Once our product  is used in the project we encourage to upload photos of finished interiors to: sklep@manual-collection.com.

Projects or space arrangements best suited to our idea, will be presented in store with information about authors.



ManualCollection.. is not only art that you can see and buy in our shop. You can order graphics customized especially for you. We invite all Customers that need solutions tailored to their specific requirements to contact us via contact form. Please specify type of the project and leave us your email address or contact number. We will contact you within 3 working days.

In case your project involves use of larger quantities of our graphics or use of ready-made series, please contact the store as well. We will be happy to provide you with good price and develop series of graphics that will fit well into the given space.

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