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Series of artworks offered by ManualCollection. bring personality to the interiors and build their climate. The same graphic can call out emotions in empty room as well as make great background in a furnished office. Wherever there is a free space it can be completed by one of our graphics to express person’s presence this way. Living room, bedroom, office, kitchen or just a corridor, all these spaces can become your inspiration from today on.

Every time you arrange an interior, try to look at it as it was clean, empty space and plan some special area just for yourself in there. We want spaces to show atmosphere which is possible to be created thanks to graphics brought there.

Our goal is to inspire people to develop their own ideas and have a fresh, new look at the surrounding reality.


A house near Poznań


Apartament / Poznań


Apartaments / Kwiatowa street / Poznań

Project: Struqtura/ Project studio - Execution: Webwizards

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