Esthetics and detail.


Our graphics are ideal for people who appreciate quality and precision. They are characterized by esthetic and attention to details.

We print either on canvas or 200g mat paper as well as 3mm white foam. Each canvas is a top quality undercoat with a predominance of natural cotton. For non-framed canvas we use 42mm wide looms, which for art sizes bigger than 50x50cm can have back ribbing additionally. For framed canvas we use 22mm wide looms. Frames are made from solid wood and originally have natural color. Uniqueness of complete art is enhanced by using birch or pine timber frames, which are hand cut to canvas size. On request we paint wooden frames white or black, free of charge.

We use ECO paintings and cover printouts with varnish, what brings out the colors and helps to prevent canvas from “external factor” effect.

For paper prints we use high quality mat paper which gives great color saturation. Printouts on foam are thicker than paper ones, and retain perfect surface for long time. Both paper and foam can be placed in black metal frames protected by the glass in the front. Other colors and types of frames are available as an individual order.

Works printed on paper are also directed to those who have already bought a frame and are looking for interesting graphic to fill it in with. This is possible by choosing an option of purchasing paper printout only. Such work is delivered in cardboard tube and delivery time is shortened to a few days only.

Each series in store is limited and each product is signed with a number given in particular series. Such information can be found on the special label attached to the canvas or in the front of the paper printouts. 

Sizes for each interior.

We are aware of variety of spaces in which people live and work, that is why ManualCollection. offers 3 main sizes of canvas as well as series of unique triptychs made out of three squares. Square and horizontal shaped graphics are available in 3 sizes, whereas vertically shaped graphics in 2 different sizes. Possibility to choose from diverse formats of our graphics is a creative invitation to arrange them in bigger and great compositions. ManualCollection. easily helps liven up living room, office or bedroom space.



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